Xiaolin Lin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Computer Information and Decision Management
College of Business

Academic Background 
Ph.D.  Washington State University, 2015.
M.B.A.  University of Detroit Mercy, 2009.
M.S.  University of Detroit Mercy, 2009.
B.B.A.  Fuzhou University, 2006.
Work Experience
Academic Experience 
Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems, West Texas A&M University (2018 - Present), Canyon, Texas.
Visiting Assistant Professor of MIS, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi (2016 - 2018), Corpus Christi, Texas.
Post-Doctoral Associate, University at Buffalo (2015 - 2016), Buffalo, New York.
Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, Washington State University (2010 - 2015), Pullman, Washington.
Intellectual Contributions:
Refereed Articles 
Lin, X., & Wang, X. (in press, 2020).  Examining gender differences in people's information-sharing decisions on social networking sites.   International Journal of Information Management.
Wang, X., Lin, X., & Spencer, M. (2019).  Exploring the effects of extrinsic motivation on consumer behaviors in social commerce: Revealing consumers' perceptions of social commerce benefits.   International Journal of Information Management, 45 (2), 163-175.
Lin, X., Wang, X., & Hajli, N. (in press, 2019).  Building E-commerce satisfaction and boosting sales: The role of social commerce trust and its antecedents.   International Journal of Electronic Commerce.
Feng, X., Li, Y., Lin, X., & Ning, Y. (in press, 2019).  Mobile Targeting in Industrial Marketing: Connecting with the Right Business.   Industrial Marketing Management.
Wang, X., Tajvidi, M., Lin, X., & Hajli, N. (in press, 2019).  Towards an Ethical and Trustworthy Social Commerce Community for Brand Value Co-creation: A Trust-Commitment Perspective.   Journal of Business Ethics.
Wang, X., Lin, X., & Liu, Z. (in press, 2019).  Understanding Consumers' Post-Adoption Behavior in Sharing Economy Services.   Journal of Computer Information Systems.
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Bazi, S., Hajli, S., Hajli, N., Shanmugam, M., & Lin, X. (in press, 2019).  Winning engaged consumers: the rules of brand engagement and intention of co-creation in social commerce.   Information Technology & People.
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Lin, X., Zhang, D., & Li, Y. (2016).  Delineating the dimensions of social support on social networking sites and their effects: A comparative model.   Computers in Human Behavior, 58 (1), 421-430.
Hajli, N., & Lin, X. (2016).  Exploring the security of information sharing on social networking sites: The role of perceived control information.   Journal of Business Ethics, 133 (1), 111-123.
Hajli, N., Lin, X., Featherman, M., & Wang, Y. (2014).  Social word of mouth: How trust develops in the market.   International Journal of Market Research, 56 (5), 673-689.
Hatem, B., Hajli, N., Lin, X., Featherman, M., & Cohen, I. (2014).  Social media for developing health services.   Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, 17 (3), 283-296.
Hajli, N., Hatem, B., Lin, X., & Featherman, M. (2013).  From E-learning to social learning: A health care study.   European Journal of Training and Development, 37 (9), 851-863.
Refereed Proceedings 
Full Paper
Wang, X., Gewald, H., Lin, X., & Prentice, C. (in press, 2019).  Too old to Shop? A Comparative Analysis of the Engagement of Junior and Senior Customers in Social Commerce.   Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2020.
Service to the University 
Department Assignments
Other Institutional Service Activities:
2019:  Attend CIS Faculty Candidates' resarch presentations & discussion  
2019:  Student Advising and Greenlighting parties  
2019:  Committee member of CIS senior Exit Survey  
2019:  Comprehensive exam for MSCISBA: review gudiance, create test questions, and review results  
2018:  Involvment with the creation of graduate comprehenvise exams (database part)  
2018:  Involvement with the ABET reaffirmation (assessment CIDM3350)  
2018:  Involvement with Greenlighting parties  
College Assignments
2019-2020:  Teaching Excellence Committee  
2018-2019 – 2019-2020:  Journal Evaluation Committee  
Other Institutional Service Activities:
2019:  Course Assessment (CIDM6310)  
Writing Student Recommendations:
2019:  Writing recommendation for student applying for phd programs  
2019:  Teaching Excellence Committee  
2019:  Journal Evaluation Committee  
University Assignments
Other Institutional Service Activities:
2019:  Sutdent research poster competition  
2019:  Campus Greeter  
2018:  Involvement with Discuss WT event (CIS event)  
Service to the Profession 
Reviewer - Article / Manuscript
2018:  Journal of Busienss Ethics.
Reviewer: Ad Hoc Reviewer for a Journal
2019:  Journal of Electronic Commerce Research.
2019:  Industrial Marketing Management.
2019:  International Journal of Electronic Commerce.
2019:  Information Systems Journal.
Reviewer: Conference Paper
2019:  European Conference on Information Systems.
Alpha Iota Delta, 2012-present
Courses Taught 
Courses taught, but not in the Schedule:
CIDM 3330: Management Information Systems
CIDM 4370: Health Informatics and E-Medicine
CIDM 6310: Information Technology Management
CIDM 6350: Data and Information Management