Stephen Hayward

West Texas A&M University
College of Business
Accounting, Economics, and Finance

About Me

Stephen Hayward is the owner and operator/landlord of a substantial farming operation in Southwest Kansas. He is directly involved in ranch and cropland planning, production operations, marketing of commodities and tenant relations. Other various land management operations include leasing to oil and gas production and transmission firms, communication (tower) firms, and to the Kansas Department of Parks and Wildlife. Some of his land is close to or borders incorporated towns and U.S. Forest Service property necessitating communications and coordination with several Federal, State and local governmental bodies and agencies. Through decades of his involvement in farmland management, oil and gas leasing and his past banking career, he has gained a thorough knowledge of cycles in business, weather, commodity prices and risk management. He has always managed his land to maximize the preservation of natural and historic resources as well as to benefit the local communities. He is an airplane owner and pilot and utilizes aviation in the management of the farming operation and therefore must keep abreast of aviation issues. His work experience includes service as the Executive V.P. for The First State Bank of Elkhart. Steve Hayward applies his professional experience in his role as a part-time instructor in the College of Business at West Texas A&M University.

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Classroom Center Room 336E
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