Nobuaki  Namiki, Ph.D.
Global Business
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Academic Background 
Ph.D.  University of Texas at Dallas, 1984.
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Articles in Refereed Journals   4   4
Presentations of Refereed Papers   1   1
Refereed Articles 
Applied or Integrative/application Scholarship
Namiki, N. (2016).  Financial Slack, Financial Slack Reduction and Firm Performance during the Great Recession : The Case of Small-sized Japanese Electronics Companies.   Rikkyo Business Review, 9, 3-12, doi: 10.14992/00012391.
Namiki, N. (2015).  The Role of Slack Reduction on Performance Turnaround during the Great Recession : The Case of Japanese Machinery Companies.   Rikkyo Business Review, 8.
Namiki, N. (2014).  2008年米国発大不況での財務的スラックとスラック削減の企業業績へのインパクト : 米国電気小企業のケース.   Rikkyo Business Review, 7, 24 - 31, doi: 10.14992/00011325.
Namiki, N. (2001).  株主構成と技術革新:系列機関株主のケース.   経営学の新世紀:経営学100年の回顧と展望.
Presentations of Refereed Papers 
Namiki, N. (2013). 不況環境下でのExternal Social Capital(外部的社会資本と企業業績の関係 : 2008年米国発不況のケース.  経営行動科学学会年次大会, Nagoya, Japan.