Mitsuhiko  Kataoka, Ph.D.
Specially Appointed Professor
College of Business

Academic Background 
Ph.D.  Nagoya University, International development, 2004.
Work Experience
Courses Taught 
Courses taught, but not in the Schedule:
Statistics for Economics and Management 
Urban and Regional Economics
Development Economics
Japanese Economy
Development Planning
Intellectual Contributions
Refereed Articles 
Applied or Integrative/application Scholarship
Kataoka, M. (2019).  Interprovincial differences in labour force distribution and utilisation based on educational attainment in Indonesia, 2002‒2015.   Regional Science Policy & Practice., 11 (1), 15, doi: 10.1111/rsp3.12159.
Kataoka, M. (2018).  Inequality convergence in inefficiency and interprovincial income inequality in Indonesia for 1990 – 2010.   Asia–Pacific Journal of Regional Science, 2, 297–313..
Kataoka, M., Hayashi, M., & Akita, T. (2014).  Expenditure Inequality in Indonesia, 2008–2010: A Spatial Decomposition Analysis and the Role of Education.   Asian Economic Journal, 28 (4), 389–411, doi: 10.1111/asej.12042.
Kataoka, M. (2014).  Trends in the regional allocation of public investment in the post-bubble Japanese economy.   Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences.
Kataoka, M. (2013).  Capital Stock Estimates by Province and Interprovincial Distribution in Indonesia.   Asian Economic Journal, 27 (4), 409–428, doi: 10.1111/asej.12021.
Kataoka, M. (2012).  Economic growth and interregional resource allocation in Indonesia.   Studies in Regional Science., doi: 10.2457/srs.42.911.