Jun  Ishikawa, Ph.D.
College of Business

Academic Background 
Ph.D.  Keio, 2001.
Work Experience
Intellectual Contributions
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Category BDS AIS TLS Total
Articles in Refereed Journals   12   12
Books, Monographs, Compilations, Manuals, Supplements, Chapters, Cases, Readings   1   1
Refereed Articles 
Applied or Integrative/application Scholarship
Ishikawa, J. (2015).  Leadership, design process, and team performance: A comparison between the Japanese and Australian R&D teams.   Journal of Developing Areas.
Ishikawa, J. (2015).  Transformational Leadership in Japanese R&D teams: Team Efficacy, Norm for Maintaining a Consensus, Communication, and Team Performance.   Rikkyo Business Review.
Ishikawa, J. (2015).  研究開発プロセスのリーダーシップ:文献レビューと課題の提示.   日本労働研究雑誌.
Ishikawa, J. (2014).  National diversity and team creativity: An integrative model and proposition for future research.   Rikkyo Business Review.
Ishikawa, J. (2013).  Design Leadership: A conceptual framework of leadership, design and team performance.   ICEMI 2013 Proceedings.
Ishikawa, J. (2013).  Transformational leadership and Japanese R&D employee stress.   International Conference on Business, Economics and Information technology.
Ishikawa, J. (2013).  研究開発チームにおけるシェアド・リーダーシップ:チームリーダーのリーダーシップ、シェアド・リーダーシップ、チーム業績の関係.   組織科学.
Ishikawa, J. (2012).  Leadership and performance in Japanese R&D teams.   Asia Pacific Business Review.
Ishikawa, J. (2012).  Qualitative and quantitative studies of leadership in multinational settings: Meta-analytic and cross-cultural reviews.   Journal of World Business.
Ishikawa, J. (2012).  Shared leadership in R&D teams: Evidence from Japan.   Organizational leadership: Concepts, cases and research.
Ishikawa, J. (2012).  Transformational leadership and gatekeeping leadership: The roles of the norm for maintaining consensus and shared leadership in team performance.   Asia Pacific Journal of Management.
Ishikawa, J. (2010).  Shared leadership in R&D teams.   Rikkyo Business Review.
Books, Monographs, Compilations, Manuals 
Ishikawa, J. (2016).  シェアド・リーダーシップ-チーム全員の影響力が職場を強くする 中央経済社.