Masayuki  Aobuchi, M.A.
Associate Professor
College of Business

Academic Background 
M.A.  Tokyo International University, Commerce, 1994.
Work Experience
Intellectual Contributions
Intellectual Contributions Grid 
Category BDS AIS TLS Total
Articles in Refereed Journals   1   1
Books, Monographs, Compilations, Manuals, Supplements, Chapters, Cases, Readings   1   1
Revisions of Books, Monographs, Compilations, Manuals   1   1
Refereed Articles 
Applied or Integrative/application Scholarship
Aobuchi, M. (2010).  実質無借金企業と有借金企業の市場の評価に関する研究.   立教ビジネスレビュー.
Books, Monographs, Compilations, Manuals 
Aobuchi, M., Aoki, S., Kiyomatsu, T., & Watanabe, T. (2016).  要説 経営分析 (5 ed.) 森山書店.  
Aobuchi, M., & Kamekawa, M. (2009).  創造的破壊--企業価値の阻害要因 学文社.