Takahiro  Akita, Ph.D.
Specially Appointed Professor
Global Business
College of Business

Academic Background 
Ph.D.   U Penn,  Regional Science,  1981
Work Experience
Intellectual Contributions
Refereed Articles 
Applied or Integrative/application Scholarship
Akita, T. (2016).  Educational Expansion and the Role of Education in Expenditure Inequality in Indonesia since the 1997 Financial Crisis.   Social Indicators Research.
Akita, T. (2014).  Expenditure inequality in Indonesia, 2008–2010: A spatial decomposition analysis and the role of education.   Asian Economic Journal.
Akita, T. (2014).  Structural Changes and Interregional Income Inequality in the Philippines, 1975-2009.   Review of Urban and Regional Studies.
Akita, T. (2014).  Urbanization and Expenditure Inequality in Indonesia: Testing the Kuznets Hypothesis with Provincial Panel Data.   Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences.
Akita, T. (2013).  The roles of location and education in the distribution.   Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences,.
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Akita, T. (2010).  The Bi-dimensional Decomposition of Regional Inequality based on the Weighted Coefficient of Variation.   Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences.