Chun-Tsung 宗春  Chin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of International Business
College of Business, Chung Yuan Christian University

Academic Background 
Ph.D.  Claremont Graduate University, 1997.
Master  Claremont Graduate School, 1992.
Work Experience
Work Experience 
Chairman, Board of Directors, Carpenter's House Caring Center (October, 2018 - October, 2020), Taoyuan, Taiwan.
Director, International Programs, Chung Yuan Christian University (August, 2002 - July, 2003), Taoyuan, Taiwan.
Consulting Experience 
2018:  Taoyuan City Youth Volunteer Center
Courses Taught 
Courses from the Teaching Schedule:    Analysis of International Industrial Environment, Business Ethics, Business Ethics, Independent Study, International Industrial Environment Internship, International Trade Law, Introduction of Asia Pacific Economic Organization, Introduction to International Economy, Regional Market Study, Special Topics on Business Ethics, Trade and Business Negotiation
Intellectual Contributions
Intellectual Contributions Grid 
Category BDS AIS TLS Total
Articles in Refereed Journals 2 1   3
Books, Monographs, Compilations, Manuals, Supplements, Chapters, Cases, Readings 1 2   3
Presentations of Refereed Papers 2 4   6
Presentations of Non-Refereed Papers   2   2
Refereed Articles 
Applied or Integrative/application Scholarship
Lin, J., Lin, S., Lin, S., Chin, C., Liao, S., Kuei-Feng Chang (in press, 2019).  The Impact of Brexit on Taiwan's Economy and the Strategies for Firms.   Chung Yuan Management Review*.
Chin, C. (2013).  Taiwanese Business Implementation of Social Responsibility in Host Country: A Case Study of Town and Talent Project.   Journal of Overseas Chinese Education and Overseas Chinese Studies.
Basic or Discovery Scholarship
Chen, S., Lin, S., & Chin, C. (2013).  Quantitative analysis of the permanent and transitory components of crude oil returns with the unobserved component Markov switching model.   Journal of Chinese Statistical Association*, 51, 500-529.
Chen, S., & Chin, C. (2013).  Modeling Australian Business Cycle with Latent Information Markov Switching Model.   Empirical Economics Letters.
Books, Monographs, Compilations, Manuals 
Chin, C., & Yen, G. (2018).  Professional Ethics: Business Ethics, Law Ethics, Design Ethics, and General Ethics. Taipei Taiwan:  Wu-Nan Book Inc.  
Chin, C. (2006).  Challenges and Strategies of Taiwan in Responding to East Asia Economic Integration. Hong Kong:  Regional Economic Cooperation.  
Chapters, Cases, Readings, Supplements 
Chin, C. (2006). Responses and Challenges of Taiwan Toward East Asian Economic Integration. Regional Economic Cooperation. Commercial Press Co.. 
Presentations of Refereed Papers 
Chin, C. (2013). Taiwanese Enterprise and Social Development in China: The Development of the Town and Talent Project Case Study.  Western Economic Association International 88th Annual Conference, Seattle, Washington.
Chin, C. (2012). Family Resources and Its Learning Effects on the Schoolchildren of New Immigrants in Taiwan.  Western Economic Association International 87th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California.
Chin, C. (2011, June). Foreign Subsidiary and Human Development in Developing Country: A Case Study of Know-You Seed Co. in India.  Western Economic Association International 86th annual Conference, Taiwan, Taiwan.
Chin, C. (2007, October). American Foreign Policy in East Asia.  U.S. Foreign Policy Workshop, Utah, United States of America.
Chin, C. (2005, July). Religious Belief and the Implementation of Social Accountability in Taiwan¡¦s Manufacturing Sector.  paper presented at Western Economic Association International annual meeting, San Francisco; CA, California.
Chin, C. (2008, May). Trade and Environment: From Biofuel Perspective.  Global and Regional Trade under WTO Framework Teaching Seminar, Taipei, Taiwan.
Presentations of Non-Refereed Papers 
Hsu, K., Chin, C., & Wu, S. (2018). Synergistic effects of Circular Economy, Development Social Work and Volunteer Service: Using Carpenter House as an Example.  2018 Tunghai Conference on Social & Solidarity Economy, Taichung, Taiwan.
Chin, C. (2011). Multinationals and Social Development in Host Country: A Case Study of Known-You Seed Co. in India.  2011 Business Ethics Teaching Innovation and Social Responsibility Enhancement Seminar, Chung Li, Taiwan.
2018: Lin, J., Lin, S., Lin, S., Chin, C., & Liao, S. The Potential Impact of Brexit on the Taiwan Economy*, Co-Investigator, Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce, Taiwan (CNAIC).
Service to the Institution 
University Assignments
Committee Member:
2010-2011:  Committee for International Cooperation Programs  
2009-2010:  School Affairs Committee  
2009-2010:  Reexamined Reviewed Committee for Outstanding Instructor  
2008-2009:  Consultant Committee for Human Affairs Regulation  
2007-2008:  School Affairs Committee  
2007-2008:  Reexamined Reviewed Committee for Outstanding Instructor  

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College Assignments
2016-2017 – 2017-2018:  Program Affairs Committee for IMBA  
2016-2017 – 2017-2018:  College International Affairs Team  
2010-2011 – 2014-2015:  College Affairs Committee  
2007-2008 – 2008-2009:  College Affairs Committee  
2007-2008:  College Outstanding Counselor Selection Committee  
University Assignments
2019-2020:  Holistic Student Care Committee  
2018-2019 – 2019-2020:  Overseas Compatriot and Foreign Students Scholarship Committee  
2018-2019:  Outstanding Instructor Review Committee  
2016-2017:  Outstanding Instructor Review Committee  
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2010-2011 – 2011-2012:  DIB Recruitment Committee  

University Assignments
Committee Member:
2013-2014:  Teaching Enhancement Committee  
Service to the Profession 
Committee in Academic Preparatory Committee
2016:  2016 Conference on Advancements of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.
Service to the Community 
New Curricula
2019:  Director, Carpenter's House Caring Center
2018:  Consulting Teacher of Taoyuan City Youth Volunteer Center
2015:  Best Mentor in Northern First District Universities of Taiwan, Ministry of Education Student Affairs Committee of Northern First District Universities.
2013:  Distinguished Contribution Award, National Immigration Bureau.