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We at SEDONA work very hard at supporting the web application before and after schools adopt. We think, if you ask around, you'll quickly come to appreciate that customer service is our top priority at SEDONA. Most SEDONA users choose to contact us through email at: jon@sedonaweb.com. When we receive emails, they are handled right away, and users typically get a response from us within the hour. Administrators can feel free to call at: (865) 363-6375 when the questions lend themselves better to a phone conversation. We appreciate all of the good suggestions that SEDONA users provide us as they get up and running on SEDONA.

Find out how you can, with a conference call and GoToMeeting.com, be led by one of our representatives through a demo of the SEDONA application, take a "test drive" for yourself through the on-line demo, or sign up for training for administrators, faculty, and staff.

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Internet Conference

Having a SEDONA representative walk you though a demonstration via conference call is sometimes the best way to view SEDONA's features. Using Gotomeeting.com, a SEDONA representative can synchronize his remote and your local computer so that you are seeing the same screen as he walks you through the SEDONA demo.

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SEDONA offers a one-day training seminar to schools who have newly adopted SEDONA. This training is included in the initial year's licensing fee. This is usually arranged into two separate sessions during the day. The first is for the administration (deans and chairs) and staff representatives from the college and each of the departments who will be working with SEDONA. In this session, the SEDONA representative will demo SEDONA, covering the college and departmental responsibilities regarding data entry and maintenance, including:

  • Entry of new faculty, entry of new journals
  • Entry of new courses
  • Uploading faculty teaching schedules from the university system (Banner, etc.)
  • Faculty committee assignments
  • Setting up the scheduler
  • Managing petitions
  • Setting up scorecards
  • Setting up report templates
  • Setting up annual evaluations, etc.

This can take 1.5-2 hours. Then, it's good to have a 2nd training session for the faculty, where the SEDONA representative covers mainly data entry, setting up a customized vita template, and creating web surveys. The faculty training session ideally occurs in a computer lab where the faculty can actually enter data into their records while the SEDONA representative is there. A couple of one-hour lab sessions can be scheduled for faculty, and the faculty can attend the one that best fits their schedules.

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Training Videos

Each module or link on SEDONA's navigation page has a Flash tutorial associated with it. By clicking on the double arrow to the right of the link, you'll be able to watch step-by-step instruction on how to enter data, customize reports, design web surveys, build evaluations, construct scorecards, create queries, and develop rubrics.

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If you want to "test drive" SEDONA you can gain full access to SEDONA by clicking on the Login button in the top, right corner of this page. Then, on the login page, simply click on "Demo" and choose the level or account type from which you wish to view SEDONA . There are three levels: the member level, the department level, and the college level. Each of these levels allows you to browse through every screen in the application, including input screens and reports appropriate for that level.

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System Requirements

  • Javascript Enabled Browser
  • Recent versions of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari
  • Adobe Flash Player 9 or greater

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