S E D O N A   Pricing

College License

The annual license fee for SEDONA is based on the FTE count of the Academic Staff (faculty) and Professional Staff (other support personnel) that you want to track in the database (Managers and Administration are not included in the FTE count; only those you want to set up with an account in Sedona). The formula for calculating the amount of the license fee is $2,500 + [$25 * the number of FTE over 30]. So if you had 50 FTE, the annual license fee would be $3,000. For 100 FTE, it would be $4,250. The annual license fee is capped at $5,000 for schools with over 130 FTE. At the anniversary date of your license agreement, the renewal license fee will be calculated and adjusted (up or down) by any change in your FTE ($25 per FTE change).

Sedona's commitment to you is that this pricing structure (per FTE basis) will not change while you are licensing the product. Further, all modifications and enhancements to SEDONA will be instantly available to all subscribers and will be offered at no additional charge. SEDONA doesn't charge you additionally for anything.

College License Pricing Example [(FTE - 30) * $25] + $2500
FTE # FTE > 30 Base Package $ FTE > 30 Total Annual
30 0 $2500 $0 $2500
50 20 $2500 $500 $3000
100 70 $2500 $1750 $4250
> 130 100 $2500 $2500 $5000

University License

For a multi-database university-wide implementation, we have a discounted pricing structure. The discounted university annual license fee would be calculated by figuring the license fee of each college separately, then averaging this with $5,000, the maximum cost of a single college implementation. For example, if the combined cost of licensing each college separately was $15,000, then the discounted university license would be $10,000: ($15,000+$5,000)/2.

Payment Information

  • The use of SEDONA is licensed through a prepaid annual subscription fee (longer periods can be negotiated).
  • All payments must be made in U.S. currency and drawn on a U.S. Bank.
  • Wire transfer instructions are available by request at 865.363.6375.
  • Make checks payable to:
          SEDONA Systems
          12539 Fort West Drive
          Knoxville, TN 37934
  • Payments are due at the beginning of each school's subscription anniversary date.

* Your fee structure will never change for either license. All modifications and enhancements are free.